Coffin Conundrum

Coffin of Seti I now in the Cairo Museum, C. G. 61019

There are many useful Facebook groups for the discussion of Egyptological subjects; one of my favorites is “The Coffin Club”.  Recently, a posting by one of its members Marzio Siccardi inspired me to take a good long look at the coffin from the Deir el-Bahri cache that the mummy of Seti I was found in.

A close examination of the coffin revealed that it was an extensively re-worked coffin of a queen of the early Eighteenth Dynasty, similar to that of Queen Ahhotep.  The coffin that contained the mummy of Seti I is probably the most thoroughly reconfigured of all the royal cache coffins, being stripped of its gilding, the wig re-carved to have hands and look like a nemes head cloth, the sides cut in to simulate arms, the top of the head trimmed down to look more proportional and the eyes replaced with a pair of later Eighteenth Dynasty glass inlaid eyes.

Illustration of the re-working of coffin for Seti I – drawings by Keli Alberts

I’ll be publishing this study fully in the upcoming festschrift for Lanny Bell soon to be printed by the Lockwood Press.

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